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Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Society participated in the Italian Orchard Tractor and Machine Application Exchange Conference held by the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute
Source: Office of the Academy of Commerce Xiang Xianggen Release time: 2019-04-12 Hits: 1198
4 11 ,为了解国外先进果园农机装备,促进我省果园农机装备发展,学会挂靠单位四川省农机院举办了意大利果园拖拉机及机具应用交流会。 On April 11 , 2019 , in order to understand foreign advanced orchard agricultural machinery and equipment and promote the development of orchard agricultural machinery and equipment in our province, the Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Institute, the institute's anchor unit, held an Italian orchard tractor and machinery application exchange meeting. 40 余人参加了本次交流会。 A total of more than 40 scientific researchers from Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu Likai Transmission Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Smart Technology Co., Ltd., as well as member units of Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Appraisal Station and Provincial Agricultural Machinery Academy , participated in the exchange meeting.
贝切加托先生和金泉博士作专题报告。 The meeting was chaired by Comrade Ou Zhifu, the chairman of the Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Society and the chief engineer of the Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Institute. The meeting invited Mr. Robert Becegato and Dr. Jin Quan from Carraro of Italy to make special reports. 贝切加托先生详细介绍了意大利卡罗拉公司果园拖拉机的设计理念、性能和推广应用情况;金泉博士对意大利等欧洲国家果园机具的发展和应用进行了介绍,并回答了参会人员的提问。 Mr. Robert Beccegato introduced the design concept, performance and application of orchard tractors of Italian Corolla Company in detail; Dr. Jin Quan introduced the development and application of orchard equipment in Italy and other European countries, and answered questions from participants . After the report, the participants had technical exchanges and discussions with the two experts to jointly explore countermeasures to promote the rapid development of agricultural machinery and equipment in our province.
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