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Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society Agricultural Water Saving and Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engineering Committee was established in Chengdu and held the first academic conference
Source: Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society Release time: 2017-10-12 Clicks: 2365

10 11 October 11 , 2017 The establishment meeting of the Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society Agricultural Water Saving and Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engineering Professional Committee and the first academic conference were held in Chengdu.

Mother Shijie, former deputy director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Zhang Delin, director of the Design Institute of China Agricultural University, Chen Kaiyong, director of the Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Agriculture, Xia Panfeng, director of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Irrigation, and Chen Qifei, director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Development. Zhang Xiaojun, Director of the General Station of Technology Promotion, Yin Xianzhi, Director of the Provincial Station of Mechanical and Electrical Discharge Management, Yang Jianguo, Director of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute, Chairman of the Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society, Chief Engineer of the Provincial Machinery Research and Design Institute, and Deputy Director of the Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society Fei Yu, the chief engineer of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute, and Ou Zhifu, the deputy director of the Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society, attended the meeting and gave speeches.

Yan Haijun, Dean of the College of Water Resources and Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University was invited to attend the conference and give a special academic lecture. China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Branch sent a congratulatory letter to the establishment of the special committee.

80 余人参加会议。 Provincial Farmland Water Resources Bureau, Chengdu Urban-Rural Coordination and Agriculture Committee, Sichuan University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Xihua University, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Sichuan Academy of Hydraulic Science, Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Appraisal Station, Sichuan Agricultural Mechanization Technology Extension Station More than 80 people from Chengdu Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Yibin Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, Dazhou Agricultural Machinery Research and Extension Station, Suining Agricultural Technology Extension Station, and city (prefecture) agricultural departments related leaders, experts, and representatives of enterprises and institutions at home and abroad attended the meeting.

Members of the special committee were elected at the meeting. Liao Gonglei was elected as the director of the committee, Jiang Huixia was elected as the deputy director of the committee, Liu Changshu was elected as the secretary-general of the committee, He Qingyan was elected as the deputy secretary-general of the committee, and Hou Yongsheng and Liu Zesheng were elected as the committee. Members.

Leaders and experts at the meeting put forward suggestions and expectations to the special committee, hoping that the special committee will serve the overall situation and serve the government around the tasks of the Sichuan Agricultural Construction Center. , Enterprises, and markets build a bridge to achieve the organic combination of government, industry, learning, research, and use, help the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the innovation and entrepreneurship of science and technology talents and accelerate growth, promote the coordinated development of science and technology, and promote agricultural water conservation, drainage and irrigation Improve the technical level of machinery, drainage and irrigation engineering and sustainable development.

尊重知识、尊重人才、尊重劳动、尊重创新 的风尚,团结组织农业节水、排灌机械、排灌工程领域的工作者,以 创新、务实、规范、自主 精神为宗旨,在政府、科研院所、企业之间搭建桥梁和纽带,为发展农业节水和排灌机械工程事业、实现我省由农业大省向农业强省跨越贡献力量。 Liao Gonglei, the director of the special committee, said: The special committee will adhere to a scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, promote the " respect for knowledge, talent, labor, and innovation " , and unite workers in the fields of agricultural water conservation, irrigation and drainage machinery, and irrigation and drainage engineering. With the spirit of " innovation, pragmatism, standardization and autonomy " as the purpose, build bridges and bonds between governments, scientific research institutes, and enterprises to develop agricultural water-saving and irrigation and drainage mechanical engineering undertakings and achieve the province's transformation from a large agricultural province to an agricultural strong Provinces contribute across the force.

Dean, College of Hydraulic and Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University Yan Haijun 水肥一体化技术发展与应用 的专题学术讲座,介绍了当前国内外先进的水肥一体化技术及应用前景。 The professor gave a special academic lecture entitled " Development and Application of Water and Fertilizer Integration Technology " at the academic conference, and introduced the advanced technology and application prospects of water and fertilizer integration at home and abroad.

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