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Leaders of the Agricultural Machinery Appraisal General Station of the Ministry of Agriculture came to the Institute of Vice Chairman of the Institute Xudong Company to guide the work
Source: Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society Release time: 2017-06-12 Clicks: 2196
6 7 ,国家农业部农机鉴定总站刘旭副站长一行莅临四川省旭东机械制造有限公司进行调研指导。 On June 7 , 2017 , Deputy Director Liu Xu of the National Agricultural Machinery Appraisal Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and his party visited Sichuan Xudong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance. In this survey, the leaders carefully listened to the company's report and development plan, and discussed and exchanged suggestions and opinions on agricultural machinery purchase subsidy work and promotion identification tests.
Deputy Director Liu Xu pointed out that in the future, we need to further improve and improve the construction of the agricultural machinery social service system, take it seriously in all aspects, and work hard to make the farmers and agricultural machinery enterprises more benefits. Li Heping, the director of Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Appraisal Station and vice chairman of the Society, accompanied the investigation.
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