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Director Yu Mei from Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan, and his party visited Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Association 2019-11-22
Sichuan Agricultural Machinery publishes a declaration on the cooperative innovation of modern agricultural equipment to revitalize the countryside 2019-09-28
Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Machinery Society participated in the Italian orchard drag .. 2019-04-12
Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society and Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Society ... 2018-06-21
Bhutan Facility Agriculture Training Course Delegation Arrives 2018-04-17
Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society Annual Meeting, Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Society Sixth Meeting .. 2018-02-05
Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Engineering Society Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment Professional Committee Establishment Conference and ... 2017-12-12
Agricultural machinery and intelligent manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship forum was successfully held 2017-11-28
Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Engineering Society Agricultural Water Saving and Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engineering Committee 2017-10-12
Meet new opportunities and serve agricultural supply-side structural reforms 2017-08-31
Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Engineering Society Agricultural Water Saving and Drainage and Irrigation Machinery Engineering Professional Committee 2017-08-28
Tianqi Technology joins hands with scientific research institutes to create a better future for the agricultural drone industry 2017-06-27
, The leader of the Ministry of Agriculture's Agricultural Machinery Appraisal General Station came to Xu Donggong, the deputy director unit of our society .. 2017-06-12
Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Engineering Society Chairman's Meeting and Scientific and Technological Achievement Evaluation Program Demonstration Meeting .. 2017-04-20
Introduction of Sichuan Agricultural Engineering Society 2017-03-16

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