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Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Party Affairs Cadres Training and Clean Government Education Activities
Source: Zhang Yi, Personnel and Political Affairs Office Time: 2019-10-24 Clicks: 651
年10月22 23日,省农机院、省农机监理总站、省农机化技术推广总站联合赴资阳市乐至县开展农机党务干部培训暨廉政教育活动,3个单位共60余人参加。 From October 22 to 23, 2019 , the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Academy, the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Supervision Station, and the Provincial Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion Station jointly went to Lezhi County, Ziyang City to carry out agricultural machinery party cadre training and clean government education activities. More than 60 people from 3 units participated. At this event, Comrade Li Dan, Deputy Director of the Party Office of the Office, was invited to attend the meeting and Zheng Yue, a second-level investigator of the Agricultural Mechanization Division, participated.
日上午,在当地农业农村局局长文国光的陪同下,全体人员参观了乐至县高寺现代观光农业产业园并认真听取了园区负责人对于园区发展、规划的情况介绍。 On the morning of the 22nd , accompanied by Wen Guoguang, the director of the local agricultural and rural bureau, all the staff visited the modern tourist agricultural industrial park of Gaoji Temple in Lezhi County and listened carefully to the introduction of the park's development and planning.
日下午,三个单位集中开展培训,会上厅党办副主任李丹指出本次活动从“党建与业务融合”、“党员与非党员学习”、“省厅与基层交流”三方面体现了党务干部培训与廉政教育的重要性。 On the afternoon of the 22nd , three units focused on training. Li Dan, the deputy director of the party office at the meeting, pointed out that the event was reflected in three aspects: "Party building and business integration", "Party members and non-party members learning", "Provincial office and grass-roots exchanges" The importance of party cadre training and clean government education. Later, Chen Tao from the Party School of Lezhi County gave Marshal Chen Yi's magnificent life and his revolutionary spirit of "Endless life and endless fighting". Finally, in order to better implement the construction of the modern agricultural "10 + 3" industrial system, understand and study grass-roots work, Wen Guoguang, director of the Lezhi County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, explained the agricultural case, data, demand, and development of Lezhi County from four aspects. Lezhi County's measures for the implementation and implementation of the "10 + 3" industrial system.

"The heavy snow weighs on the pines, and the pines are straight and straight." Comrade Chen Yi's revolutionary spirit of "pursuit of truth, firmness of the original heart, brightness and integrity" is something that we Communists should learn from. On the morning of the 23rd, all the personnel revisited the vow to join the party in front of Marshal Chen Yi's sculpture. Following the footsteps of the interpreter, everyone visited the exhibition hall and former residence of Marshal Chen Yi.
Through the two-day trip, everyone walked and watched and realized that the significance of this event is not only a simple clean government education activity, but also an innovation that allows us to combine party building with business. explore. I believe that in the future work and study, everyone will be more firm in their original intentions, and the road is long and long.
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