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Sichuan Province issued "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating Agricultural Mechanization and Transformation and Upgrade of Agricultural Machinery Equipment Industry"
Source: Provincial Department of Agricultural Mechanization Department Release time: 2019-09-11 Clicks: 830
2 ,四川省人民政府制定印发了《关于加快推进农业机械化和农机装备产业转型升级的实施意见》(川府发〔 2019 24 号)(以下简称《实施意见》)。 On September 2 , the Sichuan Provincial People's Government formulated and issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization and the Transformation and Upgrade of the Agricultural Machinery Equipment Industry" (Chuanfufa [ 2019 ] No. 24 ) (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation opinions"). 2020 年和 2025 2 个阶段性发展目标。 The "Implementation Opinions" closely centered on accelerating the advancement of agricultural mechanization and the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery equipment industry, and proposed two phased development goals of 2020 and 2025 , respectively . 年全省农机化水平达到 70% 以上,赶上全国平均水平,在国内同类地区处于领先地位。 In 2025 , the province's agricultural mechanization level will reach more than 70% , catching up with the national average level, and leading the country in similar regions.
补短板、强弱项、促协调 的总基调,突出问题导向谋篇布局,通过对薄弱环节、关键领域和突出问题精准把脉、重点引导和政策扶持,有效引导社会预期,凝聚社会共识,激活发展动能;明确提出要以推进 两融、两适 为路径,着力推动科技、机制、政策 三个创新 ;聚焦产、学、研、推、用、保等 6 个环节,提出了推进农机化和农机装备产业转型升级的 16 条政策措施。 The "Implementation Opinions" focuses on the supply-side structural reforms, grasps the general tone of " compensating shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and promoting coordination " , highlighting the problem-oriented layout, and accurately pinpointing the weak links, key areas and outstanding issues. 2. Focus guidance and policy support, effectively guide social expectations, consolidate social consensus, and activate development momentum; explicitly propose to promote " two integrations and two suits " as the path and focus on promoting " three innovations " in science and technology, mechanisms and policies ; focus on production 16 links including education, research, research, promotion, use and protection , and 16 policies and measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural equipment industry . The implementation of the "Implementation Opinions" has important guiding significance for recognizing the new situation of agricultural machinery development, clarifying new ideas for agricultural machinery development, enhancing new kinetic energy for agricultural machinery development, and promoting the high-quality development of agricultural machinery equipment industry and the high-quality and efficient transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery throughout the process. The revitalization of Sichuan's rural areas and the polishing of Sichuan ’s agricultural golden signs have played an important role in promoting the transition from a large agricultural province to a strong agricultural province.
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