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Comrade Fu Hongying was selected as the target of Sichuan accounting high-end talents training
Source: Ma Qian, Financial Planning Department Time: 2019-08-01 Clicks: 867
Recently, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission jointly released the "Second-term Training Target List of Sichuan Accounting High-end Talent Cultivation Project" (Sichuan Finance and Accounting [2019 ] No. 31), Comrade Fu Hongying of our hospital was successfully selected as the second-stage training target of Sichuan high-end accounting talent training project through the selection procedures of unit recommendation, qualification review, written examination, interview, and publicity.
Sichuan Province's accounting high-end talent training project focuses on the training of the ability and quality of the trainees, with a focus on improving its theoretical level, management awareness and analysis and judgment, communication and coordination, team spirit and other aspects. The training period is 3 years. Each year, the Ministry of Finance conducts assessments in conjunction with relevant departments, and those who pass the assessment period will be awarded a Sichuan Provincial Accounting Talent Training Project Certificate by the member unit of the Provincial Accounting Talent Training Project Joint Meeting.
Under the unified deployment of the leadership of the academy, our academy attaches great importance to the construction of a talent team, and actively creates a good atmosphere of striving for excellence. The selection of Sichuan Province's high-end accounting personnel training project will help to promote the professionalization and professionalism of our accounting team, help to improve our image, and further encourage employees to be pioneers and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
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