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Statements from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Products Processing Machinery Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Chengdu), Sichuan Province Pumps and General Equipment Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Statement
Source: Standard Inspection Institute Yang Changmin Release time: 2019-04-10 Clicks: 1732
、农业农村部农产品加工机械设备质量监督检验测试中心(成都), 院公正性声明 中心公正性声明; 2. Agricultural Products Processing Machinery Equipment Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Chengdu), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs , Statement of Justice of the Institute, Statement of Center Justice;
、四川省泵类及通用设备产品质量监督检验站, 院公正性声明 站公正性声明 3 , Sichuan Province pumps and general equipment product quality supervision and inspection station, the hospital's statement of fairness , station fairness statement .
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