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Pay attention to safety, pay attention to prevention, and strengthen awareness-safety inspection on the eve of the Spring Festival 2019
Source: General Office Liu Li Release time: 2019-01-30 Clicks: 1608
In order to do a good job in safety fire protection, eliminate hidden dangers, curb safety accidents, and ensure that our hospital spends the Spring Festival in stability and peace. On the afternoon of January 29 and the morning of January 30, Vice President Guo Xi led the relevant personnel of the Comprehensive Department to conduct a pre-holiday safety inspection on the headquarters and Xindu Modern Agricultural Machinery Research and Trial Production Base.
Vice President Guo and his team conducted a one-by-one inspection on the safety of the laboratory's headquarters, trial production workshops, warehouses, bungalows, and new construction projects under construction, focusing on the inspection of fire equipment equipment and status, wire and line connection, item stacking, houses Condition, etc., the inspection results are generally good. In response to the problems found during the inspection, the relevant departments were ordered to rectify immediately, and for the problems that need to be resolved by the hospital, the General Office was requested to coordinate the relevant departments to propose solutions and incorporate them into the 2019 maintenance plan.
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