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Pre-holiday safety inspection
Source: Liu Li, General Office Time: 2018-09-21 Clicks: 1939
月20日,我院党委书记、院长杨建国同志带领郭曦副院长、综合处郑宇处长等相关同志到新都现代农机科研与试制基地进行节前安全大检查。 On September 20, Comrade Yang Jianguo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of our hospital, led Vice President Guo Xi and Director Zheng Yu of the General Office and other related comrades to Xindu Modern Agricultural Machinery Research and Trial Production Base for a pre-holiday safety inspection.
      After inspecting the construction of the second phase of the "New Machinery Trial Production Center" and the implementation of safety management and safety precautions, as well as on-site staffing and availability of the construction unit and supervision unit, President Yang put forward four requirements for the second phase of construction. The first is to require the construction unit to start construction quickly and accelerate the construction progress under the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the project; the second is to require the supervision unit to strictly supervise the quality and safe and civilized construction of the project; the third is to require the on-site responsible person of our hospital to perform their duties carefully according to their duties On-site supervision and engineering construction trace management should be effectively done. Fourth, all parties are required to strictly control safety and strictly implement the safe construction system for construction projects, to ensure safe construction, civilized construction and environmental protection construction, to ensure project construction safety, personnel safety, Facilities and equipment security, etc.
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