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Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute and Danling County Government Launch Strategic Cooperation in Agricultural Machinery Research
Source: Zeng Xiangping, Agricultural and Animal Product Processing Institute Time: 2018-03-21 Clicks: 4504
年3月16日,杨建国院长、欧之福总工程师及曾祥平教授级高工在丹陵参加“丹陵县优势产业推介会暨项目签约仪式”,在会前与县委书记朱莉、县长黄晓航举行会谈,双方就如何加大农机装备创新、保障丹陵“不知火”产业装备需求进行了充分的沟通与交流。 On March 16, 2018 , Dean Yang Jianguo, Chief Engineer Ou Zhifu and Professor Zeng Xiangping senior engineers participated in the "Danling County Advantage Industry Promotion Conference and Project Signing Ceremony" in Danling, and met with the Secretary of the County Party Committee Zhu Li and the County Mayor Huang Xiaohang held talks, and the two sides fully communicated and exchanged ideas on how to increase the innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment and protect the demand of Danling's "unknown fire" industrial equipment.
On behalf of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, President Yang Jianguo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Danling County Government. Combined with the research and development of agricultural machinery in our hospital, the advantages of agricultural machinery research will be fully utilized. deep cooperation.
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