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Our School Launches Theme Party Day
Source: Zhang Yan, Department of Party and Mass Work of the Academy Time: 2017-11-23 Hits: 1325
2017 11 17 在新都院现代农业装备基地开展了 不忘初心 牢记使命 主题党日活动,全院党员和入党积极分子共计 44 人参加了活动。 In order to publicize and implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute Committee of the Communist Party of China launched a " Party Day" event in Xinduyuan Modern Agricultural Equipment Base on November 17 , 2017 . A total of 44 party members and activists joined the event. 太阳能实验室 ”“ 水泵检测实验室 ”“ 农机化实验室 的科研能力及发展前景。 Comrade Yang Jianguo, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, explained the development planning and construction of the base on the spot. Experts from the Agricultural Engineering Institute, Standards Inspection Institute, and the Office of Science and Technology respectively introduced Scientific research capabilities and development prospects. The original intention and mission of the Chinese Communists was to seek happiness for the Chinese people and revival for the Chinese nation. This original intention and mission is the fundamental driving force to motivate the Communist Party of China. Combining the actual work of our hospital, the comrades of the party members paid a visit to understand the development status of the park, expressed their opinions on the development of the park, and made good suggestions for the future development of the agro-mechanical institute.
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