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Public announcement of the proposed results of the 2017 National Science and Technology Awards
Source: Science and Technology Office Sui Shuntao Release time: 2016-12-21 Hits: 5465

年度国家科学技术奖推荐工作的通知》要求,经申报、形式审查和专家初评,同意我单位魔芋研究成果与西南大学等单位魔芋研究成果一并申请由重庆市科学技术委员会遴选推荐2017年度国家科学技术奖。 According to the requirements of the National Science and Technology Awards Office's Notice on the Recommended Work of the 2017 National Science and Technology Award, after application, form review and preliminary evaluation by experts, it was agreed that the research results of Konjac in our unit and the research results of Konjac in Southwest University and other units were applied for Chongqing The Municipal Science and Technology Commission selected and recommended the 2017 National Science and Technology Award. 天。 The contents of the proposed project, the recommendation of the unit (expert), the project profile, the objective evaluation, the application of the promotion, the main intellectual property certificate catalog, the main completion person, the main completion unit and the innovation promotion contribution, the completion person's cooperation relationship description, etc. (See attachment for details) publicity, the publicity period is 10 days.

1230日前书面向四川省农业机械研究设计院科技处提出,并提供必要的证明文件。 Any unit or individual who disagrees with the completion unit, completion personnel, and ranking of the public results may submit a written request to the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute before December 30 , 2016 , and provide necessary certification documents. In order to facilitate verification and verification, and to ensure that the objection is dealt with in a practical and fair manner, the unit or individual who raises the objection should indicate its true identity and provide contact information. If an individual raises an objection, he shall sign his real name on the written objection materials; if he raises an objection in the name of the unit, he shall bear the official seal of the unit. We promise to protect their identity in accordance with relevant regulations, and anonymous objections and objections beyond the time limit will not be accepted.

Hereby announced.

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魔芋基本情况 Annex 1 : Basic situation of Konjac

魔芋项目公示内容 Annex 2 : Publicity Content of Konjac Project

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