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The two branches of scientific research carry out "two studies, one doing" study and education activities
Source: The Second Branch of Scientific Research Release time: 2016-05-30 Clicks: 1555

524 May 24 , 2016 The second branch of scientific research organized learning activities such as "Learning the Party Constitution and Party Regulations, Learning a Series of Speeches, and Being a Qualified Party Member" in Happy Meilin. 名党员,除一人出差在外11人到会。 Twelve party members of the two branches of scientific research, 11 of them attended the meeting except one on a business trip.

号、 11号文件,学习了党章及习近平总书记的讲话读本,深入讨论学习了中华名族近代以来最伟大的中国梦想,提升了党员对党和自身的新认识。 During the meeting, they learned the documents of the Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Institute Party [2016] No.9 and No.11 , learned the Party Constitution and the reading book of General Secretary Xi Jinping, discussed and studied the greatest Chinese dream of Chinese celebrities in modern times, and improved the party members' views on the Party and New understanding of yourself.

At the meeting, all party members completed democratic evaluation. Two outstanding party members, Deng Jia and Wang Zhiming were selected, Deng Jia was selected as a demonstration post, and a demonstration team consisting of Deng Jia, Wang Zhiming, Zhang Yan, Wang Qin, and Xu Wenjuan was selected.

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