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Department of Science and Technology carried out activities related to "two learning, one doing", "three classifications and three upgrading"
Source: Yao Jinxia, Research Department
年5月20日,科研一支部结合川农机院党【2016】9号~11号文——《四川省农机院开展“学党章党规、学系列讲话,做合格党员”学习教育实施方案》《四川省农机院关于扎实做好新一轮基层党组织“三分类三升级”工作的实施方案》和《关于“两学一做”学习教育中开展“共产党员示范行动”的通知》开展了相关学习教育支部活动。 On May 20th, 2016, a scientific research department combined with Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Institute [2016] Nos. 9-11: "Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Institute carried out a" learning party constitution, party regulations, learning a series of speeches, and being a qualified party member "learning and education implementation plan "Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute's Implementation Plan for Doing a Good Job in the New Round of Grassroots Party Organizations'" Three Classifications and Three Upgrades " Related learning and education branch activities.
At the meeting, a branch of the department carefully studied the three documents mentioned above, comprehended the spirit of each document, and focused on the study and practice of “looking at the role model, looking around, and examining yourself”, “political, fair, professional, and good”. discuss.
Vice Dean Yuan Zhiying gave a lecture on "The New Normal of the Chinese Economy", from the perspectives of "How to understand the New Normal", "3 characteristics of the New Normal, 4 foundations, 1 challenge" and "Avoiding the 3 Misunderstandings of the New Normal." For detailed interpretation. Each party member of the branch and invited the masses to listen carefully and learn, and took detailed notes.
At the same time, the branch activities were graded in the branch activities, and the demonstration posts, demonstration teams, and outstanding party members were determined.
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