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Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Institute and Sichuan Agricultural University Sign Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement
Source: Sui Shuntao, Office of Science and Technology Time: 2016-01-26 Clicks: 5899

122日,四川农业大学副校长 杨文钰川农大新农村发展研究院常务副院长张敏川农大机电学院院长许丽佳等校院领导和专家一行6人到访我院,受到我院院长杨建国、总工程师欧之福等院领导和专家们的热烈欢迎。 On January 22 , 2016 , Yang Wenyu , Vice President of Sichuan Agricultural University , Zhang Min , Executive Deputy Dean of Sichuan Rural Agricultural New Rural Development Research Institute , Xu Lijia , Dean of Sichuan Agricultural University's School of Mechanical and Electrical, and other school leaders and experts visited our institute and received The leaders of the institute, including Yang Jianguo and chief engineer Ou Zhifu, warmly welcomed them. 国家和农业部等有关部门的农机科技创新项目,共同开展农机科技研究、学术交流与技术攻关,实现实验室装备和设施的双方共享,联合培养研究生以及双方互相聘请专家为客座教授(研究员)等方面达成共识。 The two sides conducted full communication and exchanges through discussions. Regarding regular liaison, information exchange and exchange, they jointly applied for agricultural machinery science and technology innovation projects of relevant departments such as the State and the Ministry of Agriculture , and jointly carried out agricultural machinery science and technology research, academic exchanges and technical breakthroughs, and realized laboratories. The two sides share the equipment and facilities, jointly train graduate students, and each other hires experts as visiting professors (researchers) to reach consensus. 杨文钰作为双方代表签订了战略合作框架协议书。 The dean of our college, Yang Jianguo, and the vice president of Sichuan Agricultural University, Yang Wenyu, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of both parties. 许丽佳教授、张黎骅教授、马荣朝教授3 名专家为我院客座研究员,我院院长杨建国向3位专家颁发了聘书。 After research, our institute decided to hire three experts, Professor Xu Lijia, Professor Zhang Lizhen, and Professor Ma Rongchao, from Sichuan Agricultural University's School of Mechatronics , to be our visiting researchers. The president of our institute, Yang Jianguo, issued letters of appointment to the three experts.

,将成为双方长期合作的指导性文件,为今后双方充分发挥各自优势,进行科研、培训、资源共享等多方面合作奠定坚实的基础。 Through the exchange and cooperation with Sichuan Agricultural University, the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed will become a guiding document for long-term cooperation between the two sides, laying a solid foundation for the two parties to give full play to their respective advantages in the future, and carry out scientific research, training, resource sharing and other aspects of cooperation. basis.

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