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Keep in mind the mission
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Sichuan Province Agricultural Machinery Party Affairs Cadres Training and Clean Government Education Activities 2019-10-24
Sichuan Provincial Academy of Agricultural Machinery held a special educational theme of "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission .. 2019-09-03
Sichuan Provincial Academy of Agricultural Machinery held a special conference to find gaps against the party constitution and regulations 2019-08-21
, A scientific research department held the 2017 annual organization and life and democratic evaluation of party members 2018-03-07
Provincial Agricultural Machinery Academy explores new ways to establish party branches on scientific research teams 2017-12-07
Our Academy Launches Theme Party Day Activities 2017-11-23
, The second branch of the administrative department of our hospital launched the "learning and implementation of the spirit of the report of the 19th National Congress" 2017-11-10
, The three branches of scientific research of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Academy earnestly study, propagate and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress 2017-11-01
, The two branches of administration carry out the "two studies and one doing" study and education activity 2016-05-30
, The three branches of the department carry out democratic evaluation of party members and "two learning, one doing" study and organization life .. 2016-05-30
, The two branches of scientific research carry out "two studies, one doing" study and education activities 2016-05-30
One branch of the department carried out "two studies, one doing" and "three classifications and three upgrades" related learning .. 2016-05-25

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