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Sichuan Province issued "On accelerating agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery equipment industry ... 2019-09-11
Comrade Fu Hongying was selected as the target of Sichuan accounting talents training 2019-08-01
Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center for Agricultural Products Processing Machinery Equipment 2019-04-10
Sichuan Province Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute publicly recruited staff in April 2019. 2019-02-27
Pre-holiday safety inspection 2018-09-21
Our Institute Holds a Symposium for Soliciting Opinions on the Team and Members of the Institute 2018-01-22
Our institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ziyang CRRC Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 2017-08-29
Our hospital obtained the land property certificate of Sichuan Modern Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park in Xindu District 2017-08-17
Compared with the bidding agency ratio of "Institute New Machinery Trial Production Center Construction Project" 2017-07-21
Our institute added 1 post expert of Sichuan modern agricultural industry technology system 2017-03-30
Major breakthroughs were made in the "three zones" of our hospital 2017-03-23
Our institute held the first batch of provincial basic scientific research business expense project task book review meeting 2017-03-15
Experts from the Hill Equipment Institute of our institute participated in the tea machine public welfare industry research project in 2016 .. 2017-01-18
"Ten Actions" Leading the Institute of Science and Technology Innovation 2016-12-30
Vice Governor Yang Xingping led a team to the poverty alleviation points of our hospital to carry out investigation and supervision of poverty alleviation .. 2016-11-28
College social security card information collection and confirmation 2016-11-28
Researchers from our institute went to Ya'an to guide the research and development of enterprises 2016-08-26
Sichuan Province Pumps and General Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station 2015 Social Responsibility .. 2016-07-07
Our Institute participates in the annual meeting of the National Science and Technology Support Project 2016-03-02
Hill and Mountain Agricultural Equipment Research Institute awarded two invention patents 2016-02-29
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