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Tobacco project team of Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute went to Panzhihua to carry out annual summary and tobacco lightening .. 2019-12-11
"Qinba Mountain Area (Wangcang County) Integration and Demonstration of Efficient Breeding Technology for High Quality Beef Cattle .. 2019-12-10
Our hospital went to Zhaojue County to carry out research on potato mechanized production 2019-12-06
Our institute was invited to participate in the supply and demand matchmaking meeting of agricultural science and technology achievements in Northeast Sichuan 2019-12-05
Experts from our institute participated in the country's hilly and mountainous farmland convened by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural .. 2019-12-04
Institute of Information of our institute went to Wangcang County to carry out the production service of "three districts" tea garden 2019-11-29
Our institute went to Zhaojue County to provide technical training services for "three districts of science and technology talents" 2019-11-29
Science and technology talents from our "three districts" went to Gao County to conduct special training on sericulture technology 2019-11-29
Science and technology talents from our "three districts" went to Xingwen County to carry out special training on citrus 2019-11-29
Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute and Shexian Agricultural and Rural Bureau 2019-11-28
Science and technology staff of our hospital went to Yibin Xingwen to carry out mechanized operation of the "three zones" tea garden .. 2019-11-28
Mechanical species of Chinese medicine with our university and University of Electronic Science and Technology of Sichuan Province 2019-11-22
Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute and Ganzi Prefecture Agricultural Machinery Promotion Center continue to promote the implementation of the Yuanzhou Project .. 2019-11-18
Sangyuan Mechanization Team went to Wusheng to carry out demonstration demonstration of mulberry garden pest control spray 2019-11-15
Zhonghaida Satellite Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. came to our hospital for 3D laser real scene .. 2019-11-15
Investigation of grape mechanization in Xichang 2019-11-12
, The Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute held a seminar for new employees to learn advanced comrades Huang Wenxiu 2019-11-12
Science and technology personnel of our institute went to Dazhu County and Xuanhan County to carry out "three districts" technology talents .. 2019-11-11
Experts of beef cattle innovation team in our hospital conduct technical training in Northeast Sichuan 2019-11-08
Provincial Agricultural Machinery Academy "three districts" scientific and technological talents went to Guangan District to carry out scientific and technological services 2019-11-04
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