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《Sichuan Agriculture and Farm Machinery》
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《Sichuan Agriculture and Farm Machinery》

"Sichuan Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery" magazine is supervised by Sichuan Agricultural Department, hosted by Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute, Sichuan Agricultural Society and Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Society, and managed by the Science and Education Department of Sichuan Agricultural Department. CN51— 1743 /S ,国际标准连续出版物号: ISSN 2095—3615 ),《四川农业与农机》将着力宣传党和国家农业方针政策,报道农业生产与农村经济发展状况,推动农业生产技术和农机装备的普及,促进农业学术信息的交流,为推动四川现代农业发展服务。 As the province's only comprehensive agricultural journal under the supervision of the Provincial Department of Agriculture (Domestic Unified Serial Number: CN51-1743 / S , International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2095-3615 ), Sichuan Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery will be promoted The Party and the state's agricultural policies and policies report the development of agricultural production and rural economy, promote the popularization of agricultural production technology and agricultural machinery and equipment, promote the exchange of agricultural academic information, and serve the promotion of modern agricultural development in Sichuan. The Institute of Agricultural Mechanization has undertaken the editing and publishing of the magazine.

16 开,页码 56 页,内文全彩色,采用轻型铜版纸印制。 "Sichuan Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery" is a comprehensive agricultural technology publication, bi-monthly, large 16- page, page 56 pages, full text, printed on light coated paper.

Our guideline for running a journal is: Persisting in being based in Sichuan and facing the whole country, focusing on technicality and guidance, highlighting the characteristics of combining agricultural machinery and agronomy, focusing on reporting new varieties, new technologies, new models and new mechanisms of Sichuan agriculture, reflecting the development of agricultural technology Hot issues in the focus.

The publication has key columns such as the opening words, macro guidance, comprehensive information, development forums, science and technology, innovation, special reports, and market verticals. The manuscripts are mainly contributed by agricultural scientific research, management, technical personnel and teachers and students of agricultural colleges and universities. The readers and authors are positioned as technical personnel engaged in agricultural scientific research, production, and circulation management, teachers and students of agricultural colleges and universities, large professional households, and farmers' friends. Welcome to subscribe.

Sichuan Agriculture and Farm Machinery Magazine Subscription Sheet

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