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Sichuan Pump Quality Supervision Station
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Sichuan Pump and General Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station
Sichuan Province Pumps and General Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station is a provincial-level comprehensive testing agency established by the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and authorized to issue testing data with certification functions. 1984 年由四川省标准计量局批准成立“四川省水泵产品质量监督检验站”,承担省内水泵产品的质量监督检验任务。 As early as 1984 , the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Standards and Metrology approved the establishment of the "Sichuan Provincial Pump Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station" to undertake the task of supervising and inspecting the quality of pump products in the province. With the improvement of the detection capability of our station and the expansion of the detection range, new drying equipment, fans, 1997 年更名为“四川省技术监督局泵类及通用设备产品质量监督检验站。” 2001 年随着省级质检机构的改革,再次更名为“四川省泵类及通用设备产品质量监督检验站”。 Compressors, food processing, packaging machinery, and feed processing machinery and other projects were renamed “Sichuan Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau Pump and General Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station.” Changed its name to "Sichuan Provincial Pump and General Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station" again. In each measurement re-certification cycle, we have passed the organization and measurement certification review review organized by the Sichuan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
科学的方法、公正的态度、准确的数据、优质的服务”, 服务于社会,服务于企业、服务于消费者;所承担的质检工作为监督、保证四川省机械产品的质量做出了贡献,为受检企业产品质量的提高提供了技术咨询和帮助,培养和锻炼了一批有技术、懂法、守法、执法的质检队伍,自身实力也得到不断地发展壮大。 Our station insists on " scientific method, fair attitude, accurate data, high-quality service", serving the society, serving enterprises, and serving consumers; the quality inspection work undertaken is to supervise and guarantee the machinery products of Sichuan Province. It has contributed to quality, provided technical consultation and assistance for the improvement of product quality of the inspected enterprises, cultivated and trained a group of technical, technical, law-abiding, law-enforcement quality inspection teams, and its strength has been continuously developed and strengthened.
14 人,其中高、中级技术人员 10 人, 拥有一批素质较高、业务能力强的高、中级检测技术人员。 Our station has 14 employees, including 10 senior and intermediate technicians , and a group of high and intermediate technicians with high quality and strong business ability.
2000 多平方米,有水泵、阀门、风机、电焊机、农产品加工机械、烘干机械等专业实验室,并有动平衡、硬度检测及转矩转速传感器校正实验室,现有 150 多台套在用仪器设备,固定资产约 600 多万元。 Our station has a laboratory area of more than 2000 square meters. There are professional laboratories such as pumps, valves, fans, electric welding machines, agricultural product processing machinery, and drying machinery. There are also laboratories for dynamic balance, hardness testing, and torque speed sensor calibration. There are more than 150 sets of instruments and equipment in use and fixed assets of about 6 million yuan. 年投资 50 万元重点对水泵、风机和电焊机实验室进行了改造,已 基本完成数据采集、记录、储存、处理过程的自动化和计算机化, 进一步提高了测试技术水平。 In 2006 , an investment of 500,000 yuan was invested in the renovation of the pump, fan and electric welding machine laboratory. The automation and computerization of data acquisition, recording, storage, and processing have been basically completed, further improving the level of testing technology.
    Inspection items and products:
、通用设备:泵、阀、农业灌溉设备、风机、空气压缩机、离心机、干燥设备等; 1. General equipment: pumps, valves, agricultural irrigation equipment, fans, air compressors, centrifuges, drying equipment, etc.
、建材加工机械:压砖机、破碎机、切石机等; 2. Building material processing machinery: brick press, crusher, stone cutter, etc .;
、工业专用设备;食品机械,农副产品、饮料加工机械,包装机械、机床、焊接设备等。 3. Industrial special equipment; food machinery, agricultural and sideline products, beverage processing machinery, packaging machinery, machine tools, welding equipment, etc.
Service area
定期监督检验。 Regular supervision and inspection. Commission inspection
    为各类企业提供质量体系建设服务及相关技术支持 Provide quality system construction services and related technical support for various enterprises
     为各监理公司及各泵站提供检测服务,提供可靠的、具有法律效力的第三方公证数据 Provide testing services for supervision companies and pumping stations, provide reliable, legally valid third-party notarized data
Institution Information
四川省泵类及通用设备产品质量监督检验站 Name: Sichuan Pump and General Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station
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