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Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute
1960 年,其前身为四川省农业机械研究所,隶属于四川省农业厅,是四川省乃至西南地区最大的农业工程研究设计院,也是我国西部农产品加工新技术、新产品开发研究设计的重要基地。 Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute was founded in 1960. Its predecessor is Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, which is affiliated to Sichuan Agricultural Department. It is the largest agricultural engineering research and design institute in Sichuan Province and even the southwestern region. An important base for research and design of new product development. 400 人,中级以上技术人员近 200 人,研究员 5 人。 There are nearly 400 employees in the institute , nearly 200 technicians above the intermediate level , and 5 researchers . 50700 平方米 The whole hospital covers an area of 50,700 square meters .
The institute has a solid scientific foundation and rich scientific and technological resources. The institute consists of Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Research Institute, Rural Energy and Environmental Protection Research Institute, Electromechanical Irrigation Research Institute, Agricultural Mechanization Information Research Institute, Agricultural Machinery Quality Testing and Test Center, Machinery Plant and Institute Office, Financial Assets Department, Human Resources The Ministry of Resources, Logistics Service Center, Party and Mass Work Department and other departments have entities such as Huafeng Agricultural Machinery Sales Company, Aite Fruit and Vegetable Fresh-keeping Company, and Kangyuan Water Conservancy Engineering Company.
农业部农副产品试验室 农业部农副产品加工机械设备质量监督检验测试中心 (成都)和 四川省泵类及通用设备产品质量监督检验站 ,是全省农机科研、试验及质量检验中心。 There are " Agricultural and Agricultural Products Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture " , " Agricultural and Agricultural Products Processing Machinery and Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture " (Chengdu), and " Sichuan Provincial Pump and General Equipment Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station " . , Test and quality inspection center. Equipped with test benches for pumps, valves, fans, electric welding machines, drying equipment, etc., which can provide quality testing of drying equipment, grain and oil processing machinery, agricultural and sideline product processing machinery, feed processing machinery, rural energy equipment, agricultural pumping stations, and irrigation machinery products. . It undertakes regular supervision and inspection, agricultural machinery promotion appraisal, random inspection of industrial and commercial markets, special inspection of quality supervision, and user commissioned inspection services.
Our institute is mainly engaged in engineering research and design of agricultural field work machinery, agricultural and sideline product processing, agricultural waste treatment, feed resource development, rural energy, water-saving irrigation, and research and development, production and promotion of agricultural machinery. 包括淀粉及淀粉制品加工机械、魔芋加工机械设备、果蔬保鲜和加工设备、畜禽粪便无害化处理与综合利用设备、生物肥料加工设备、糟渣废弃物处理设备、饲料设备、牧草加工设备、秸秆粉碎还田设备、生物质气化设备、沼气设备、干燥设备、灌溉设备、泵站工程、水景工程、耕整机、收割机、压块机、 石材加工机械等。 The main achievements include starch and starch product processing machinery, konjac processing machinery and equipment, fruit and vegetable preservation and processing equipment, livestock and poultry manure harmless treatment and comprehensive utilization equipment, biological fertilizer processing equipment, dregs waste processing equipment, feed equipment, forage processing Equipment, straw crushing and returning equipment, biomass gasification equipment, biogas equipment, drying equipment, irrigation equipment, pumping station project, waterscape project, tiller, harvester, briquetting machine, stone processing machinery, etc. 400 多项科技成果应用于生产实践,其中 200 余项(次)获国家、部、省、厅、局级科技发明奖、科技进步奖,取得了较好的社会经济效益。 For more than 40 years, it has made positive contributions to the development of rural economy and improvement of rural living environment and living conditions. More than 400 scientific and technological achievements have been applied to production practices, of which more than 200 (times) have been awarded by the State, Ministry, and Province. Science and technology invention award, science and technology progress award at the government, department and bureau level have achieved good social and economic benefits.
三农 的宗旨,坚持 立足现代农业,强化科技基础,着力技术开发与科技成果转化,实现科研、生产、营销协调发展 的基本方针,不断弘扬 团结、奉献、务实、创新 的企业文化,拓展研究开发领域,促进科技成果产业化,先后承担了国家农业科技成果转化资金项目、国家科技支撑计划、星火计划项目、跨越计划、粮食丰产工程和四川省的各类科技计划项目,取得国家专利 20 多项。 Since reform and opening up, we have always adhered to the purpose of serving the " three rural issues " , adhered to the basic principle of " based on modern agriculture, strengthening the foundation of science and technology, focusing on technological development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and realizing the coordinated development of scientific research, production, and marketing " , and constantly promoted " unity, "Dedication, pragmatism, and innovation " corporate culture, expanding research and development fields, and promoting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, has undertaken the National Agricultural Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Fund Project, the National Science and Technology Support Plan, the Spark Program Project, the Spanning Plan, the Grain Production Project, and Sichuan Province. It has obtained more than 20 national patents for various science and technology planning projects . 20 多个省、自治区、直辖市的企事业单位提供了先进适用的技术及装备,项目产品先后出口埃及、印度尼西亚、缅甸、巴基斯坦等国家和地区。 It provided advanced and applicable technology and equipment for enterprises and institutions in more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country , and the project products have been exported to Egypt, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan and other countries and regions. 先进科研单位 称号,为提高农业生产水平,改善农村居民生活条件、构建和谐社会、建设社会主义新农村做出了重大贡献。 It has been awarded the title of advanced scientific research unit by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology for many times, and has made significant contributions to improving the level of agricultural production, improving the living conditions of rural residents, building a harmonious society, and building a new socialist countryside.

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