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Article 1
Message nickname: mailbox: no MSN:
URL: no QQ:
Message title: Oat seedling transplanting machine
Message content: Can your hospital help me design a wheat winter seedling transplanter!
Background reply: Please contact Director Zhao of our new machine trial production center, Tel: 13981822871

Article 2
Message nickname: mailbox: no MSN:
URL: no QQ:
Message title: advisory
Message content: Does your organization have equipment for processing agricultural products such as wheat, rice and mutton?
Background reply: No

Article 3
Message nickname: what mailbox: 820939472@qq.com MSN:
URL: no QQ: 820939472
Message title: Matters of straw gasification unit
Message content: This unit currently intends to apply the gasification technology to the Qinghai region. However, I have no choice but to find relevant equipment manufacturers to meet the requirements. I don't know if experts can help solve the problem and look forward to your good news.
Background reply: Please contact Director Yi of Hill and Mountain Research Institute of our hospital: 028-84519912

Article 4
Message nickname: Luo mailbox: zlq1177@163.com MSN:
URL: no QQ:
Message title: What is the submission mailbox of "Sichuan Agriculture and Farm Machinery"
Message content: Hello, I would like to ask, how many is your "Sichuan Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery" submission email? Last time I found that it didn't match yours, and it was a call from Beijing asking me to pay for the manuscript.
Background reply: "Sichuan Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery" magazine submission email: scnjtwk@163.com, you can directly call the editorial department: 028-84534102

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