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Number 1 Question: Konjac refined powder purification and crushing process equipment, introduce QQ: 778390367
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Number 2 Question: Hello, I would like to inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of the two processes of konjac dry chip processing and konjac wet processing. Our company purchased a set of konjac processing production line, QQ443280761, thank you.
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Number 3 Question: I need a kind of ditching machine for footboards. I don't know if your hospital can help me design a small hand-held machine with a ditching depth of 24cm and a width of 15cm. I need this machine very much, my email address is 280541566@qq.com. Thank you!
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Number 4 Question: Happy New Year. May I ask which expert you can use for Konjac powder dry processing equipment? Contact method: Wang Yage QQ1424386790
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Number 5 Q: What is your work status? How about income, can non-Chengdu locals settle down in Chengdu?
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No. 6 Question: Dear leaders of the Design Institute. It is known from relevant materials that your institute has achieved remarkable results in the development and design of tent fabrics. Our company is an enterprise that produces colored polyester staple fibers using direct spinning dope coloring technology. Army green polyester products are one of our products. We consult the leaders of your institute. A moment, the relevant situation of military green polyester staple fiber products in the selection and use of tent fabrics. Thank you!
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No. 7 Q: Excuse me, is there a straw gasifier for household use, if there is a small branch to replace the straw, how much is the unit price?
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No. 8 Question: Can you contact me with the waterproof and fireproof tent fabric? Thank you!
Email; 27512865@163.com
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No. 9 Q: I would like to ask if there is any machine for garlic seeding in the market
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No. 10 Q: Hello, I think you can design and make machines around weaving bamboo fences
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No. 11 Question: Is there a career plan for the recruiters in your hospital this year?
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No. 12 Question: What I want to ask is that there are many elderly people in Sichuan. Are there any agricultural machinery that is convenient for the elderly?
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