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product name: Konjac purified refined powder, purified fine powder processing equipment
release time: 2009-02-02
The number of clicks: 3443
Brief description: Purify and refine konjac flour, reduce the content of sulfur dioxide and impurities, increase the viscosity and color of konjac flour, and comprehensively improve the quality and price of konjac flour.
Product details:

I. Process flow of purified refined powder (washing powder)


  Alcohol solution  


Refined powder → mixing → reaction → centrifugal dehydration → vacuum drying → screening → packaging


                          Alcohol waste → Alcohol recovery

Second, the process of purification of micronized powder (Konjac gum)


  Alcohol solution  


Refined powder → stirring and mixing → reaction → multi-stage grinding → centrifugal dehydration → vacuum drying → screening → packaging


                                    Alcohol waste → Alcohol recovery

Composition of complete equipment:

阀及管路、酒精储罐、 蒸汽锅炉 、振动筛 Stirring washing tank, grinder, centrifuge, vacuum dryer, air dryer, alcohol recovery device, electric control cabinet, pump valve and pipeline, alcohol storage tank, steam boiler , vibrating screen, etc.

Fourth, the main technical indicators

1.Type MXF1.0 type MXF1.5 type MXF2.0 type

2. Daily output (finished products. Tons)     1       ≥1.5       ≥2.0   

3. The quality of products produced: meets the requirements of NY / T494-2002).

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