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product name: Konjac fine powder unit
release time: 2009-02-02
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Brief description: large processing output, clean separation of starch and black spots, high equipment reliability and low energy consumption.
Product details:

型魔芋精粉机组是将魔芋干片(角、块)加工成精粉的成套设备机组,其加工产量大,淀粉及黑点分离干净,设备可靠性高,能耗低。 MJ-5B Konjac refined powder unit is a complete set of equipment that processes dried konjac flakes (corners, blocks) into refined powder. Its processing output is large, starch and black spots are cleanly separated, equipment reliability is high, and energy consumption is low.

干片→粉碎→风选分离淀粉→筛分→精粉 First, the process: dry tablets → crushing → air separation to separate starch → screening → fine powder

粉碎主机、风机、旋风分离器、关风器、振动筛、布带除尘器、电控柜等。 Second, equipment composition: crushing host, fan, cyclone separator, wind shutoff device, vibrating screen, cloth dust collector, electric control cabinet, etc.

Third, the main technical parameters:

、产量(芋角): 6080kg/h (加工薄芋片时产量稍大) 1. Output (taro): 6080kg / h (the output is slightly larger when processing thin taro chips)

、出粉率: 54% ~58 % 2. Powder yield: 54% to 58 %

、总装机容量: 32 kw 3. Total installed capacity: 32 kw

、噪声:≤ 85 dB(A) 4. Noise: ≤ 85 dB (A)

、占地面积: 8 8 m 2 5. Floor area: 8 8 m 2

028 84549287 84517368; 13808053126; 13981822871 Telephone: ( 028 ) 84549287 ; 84517368; 13808053126; 13981822871

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