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product name: Konjac refined powder wet processing technology and complete set of equipment
release time: 2009-01-15
hit count: 4246
Brief description: Konjac refined powder processed by this process does not contain sulfur dioxide, has high viscosity and good color, and is well received by customers at home and abroad.
Product details:

First, the process

          Fresh konjac → mechanical cleaning and peeling → manual cleaning → delivery →


Water and color protectant           Alcohol solution


→ Fresh taro crushing → fine grinding separation → stirring and washing → pumping of slurry (with stirring storage tank) → secondary grinding


Starch waste



steam                     Steam heat exchanger                                 


→ Transitional stirring storage tank → Mechanical dehydration → Transfer by bucket truck → Vacuum drying (1500L)


Alcohol and starch waste liquor → Alcohol recovery    Alcohol recovery

Second, process characteristics:

1,               The fast crushing of fresh taro using water as a medium and the coarse separation of starch, that is, the fast crushing and separating method of using fresh water as a medium (without the protection of alcohol) to ensure that the fine powder does not swell and reduce the alcohol content. Consumption and recovery of alcohol waste.

2,               In the selection and installation of the equipment, the two processes of crushing fresh taro water and refining and separating starch are carried out quickly, continuously and reliably, so that the initial crushing and separation of starch using water as a medium is fast and reliable, and the fine powder does not swell.

3.               The use of "mechanical dehydration waste liquid" and "vacuum drying exhaust gas" two steps of alcohol recovery to maximize alcohol recovery.

4.               The quantitative feeding of fresh taro is conducive to the stable and smooth work of the crushing and refining separation process, which prevents the equipment from blocking the machine due to uneven feeding. Dedicated stainless steel strainer of refining separator is durable and easy to replace.

5.               The wet refined powder separated by refining is sprayed and washed by a high-pressure alcohol solution, and quickly enters the stirring and washing tank to ensure that the material does not bulge and stick to the machine wall, which provides guarantee for subsequent processing.

Composition of complete equipment:

阀及管路、酒精储罐、 蒸汽锅炉 、振动筛 等。 Cleaning and peeling machine, conveyor, fresh taro crusher, refining separator, stirred washing tank, secondary grinder, centrifuge, transfer bucket, vacuum dryer, air dryer, alcohol recovery device, electric control cabinet, Pump valves and pipelines, alcohol storage tanks, steam boilers , shakers, etc.

Fourth, the main technical indicators

、型 1 , type     number               F20 MS F20    MSF15 type     MSF10 type    

) 2. Daily output (Taro) ( ton )     ≥20       15        ≥10         

、生产精粉的质量:特级品率(检验标准NY/T494-2002)100 % 3. Quality of refined powder: 100 % of super grade rate (inspection standard NY / T494-2002) .

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