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    Multifunctional portable agricultural machinery


    Technology and equipment for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products
    Facility agriculture, fresh storage and transportation technology of fruits and vegetables and ...
    Rural energy technology and equipment
    Water-saving irrigation and drinking water safety technology and equipment
    Agricultural environmental protection technology and equipment
    High value utilization technology and equipment of agricultural waste
    Material drying technology and equipment
    Forage processing technology and equipment development
    Testing technology and equipment for mechanical and electrical products
    Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute tobacco project team went to Panzhihua to carry out annual summaries and on-site demonstration of tobacco light equipment.

    Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute tobacco project team went to Panzhihua ..

    From December 3rd to 6th, Director Deng Jia, a member of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute's tobacco project team, Director Deng Jia, researcher Zeng Xiangping, and senior engineer Liu Xiaotan and a team of 5 people went to the Sichuan Tobacco Company Panzhihua City Company to participate in the 2019 science and technology project.

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    Sichuan Province issued `` About Accelerating Agricultural Mechanization and Agricultural Machinery ...
    Comrade Fu Hongying was selected as a high-end accounting talent in Sichuan Province ..
    Quality supervision and inspection of agricultural product processing machinery and equipment by the Ministry of Agriculture ..
    Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Institute publicly recruited in April 2019.
    Pre-holiday safety inspection
    Our Institute Holds a Symposium on Soliciting Opinions from the Team and Members of the Institute
    Our institute signed a strategic contract with Ziyang CRRC Electric Technology Co., Ltd ..
    Our hospital obtained the land property right of Sichuan Modern Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park in Xindu District ..
    Agricultural and sideline products processing equipment
    Rural energy equipment
    Agricultural environmental protection equipment
    Water-saving irrigation equipment
    Drinking water safety equipment
    Drying equipment
    Forage processing equipment
    Field machinery
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